This section of the website is designed to help guests learn more about Ethiopian House and to discover information about the cuisine and the experience in general.

After all, there's a particular reason why Ethiopian dining is an experience and not just a meal! Food is to be savoured, shared, and enjoyed by close friends together. Indeed, visitors to Ethiopian House can enjoy a culinary journey in which the experience is every bit as valuable as the fresh, authentic food.

The restaurant itself is a long-standing Toronto institution located near Yonge and Wellesley and has received not only critical acclaim but glowing feedback from guests.

Amy Pataki, reviewing for the Toronto Star, describes Ethiopian House's food, atmosphere, and service as the "best Ethiopian dining experience" in the city. In particular, she praises the ritualistic and atmospheric aspects of dining at an authentic Ethiopian restaurant.

She goes on to praise delightfully cooked vegetables, stir-fry (tibs), and condiments including berbere. This high praise is most welcome given that Toronto boasts one of the most vibrant African dining scenes in North America.

Here, the finest condiments, Injera (bread), vegetables, and meat combine to create a satisfying and varied meal for the enjoyment of all.

What kind of food does Ethiopian House serve?

Authentic Ethiopian favorites including classic beef and vegetable dishes. We also have a variety of condiments and fresh Injera flatbread.

What is Ethiopian food?

Ethiopian food has spread globally along with the African nation's diaspora. It places high emphasis on the social aspects of dining and sharing. Injera bread is an essential component of an Ethiopian meal, as are vegetables, beef, and rich, delicious sauces.

How is Ethiopian food eaten?

Ethiopian food is eaten with the hands by necessity. This is because Injera is used to scoop and fold the ingredients in a dish. Don't worry though, washing of the hands is a necessary pre-meal ritual.

Does Ethiopian House offer takeout?

Yes! However, it is typically advised that customers call the restaurant directly rather than use an unauthorized third-party app.

What is an Ethiopian coffee ceremony?

Coffee is a quintessential after-meal tradition in Ethiopian culture. The ceremony emphasizes savoring and sharing the coffee as both a social custom and a means of aiding digestion.

In which part of Toronto is Ethiopian House?

Ethiopian House can be found just off Yonge St & Wellesley St E. It is north of the bustling neighborhood of Church and Wellesley, and to the east of the University of Toronto's St. George Campus.

Is injera gluten free?

Unfortunately not!

Is the restaurant busy?

Certainly. It can be useful to call ahead to check availability.

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Ethiopian House | 12pm - 11pm (Thursday-Saturday) / 12pm - 10pm (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday) | 4 Irwin Ave, Toronto, ON M4Y 1K9, Canada | +1 416-923-5438

Final Words & Disclaimer

The "House" was born from the simple desire to bring the delicious and unique flavors of Ethiopia to the city of Toronto. Nothing is more important to the staff than fresh produce, fantastic preparation, and quality in everything from service to taste. The chefs have spent decades perfecting the recipes and techniques used in the restaurant today. The whole team invites you to visit and see for yourself.

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