Joining us for a coffee?

Many coffee drinkers do not know that the original coffee plantations were in a place called Keffa, a province of Ethiopia. In fact the word 'coffee' itself comes from the name of the province where it was grown.

Partake in our traditional coffee ceremony. After your meal, relax and enjoy the aroma of frankincense as your hostess hand-roasts and grinds the specially selected coffee beans.

Then savour the strong beverage. Many Ethiopians drink it with a pinch of salt or clarified butter.

Please let us know which you prefer.

(Minimum preparation time: 30 minutes)

Ethiopia is famous globally for its rich coffee heritage and for the quality of its raw output. However, the cultural role of coffee is perhaps the most distinctive element of what makes coffee special in the country and among Ethiopian diaspora.

An authentic coffee experience from Ethiopian House can be enjoyed with popcorn. The coffee ceremony with your whole, freshly brewed pot is available for $10.

The experience is one to be savored and enjoyed in great company and as a perfect conclusion to a traditional meal.

For those in a greater hurry, regular coffee is also available on request.

Authentic Ethiopian House Coffee Ceremony
An authentic Ethiopian coffee ceremony experience is as much about the experience as the delightful coffee itself

Staff preparing to serve coffee to guests
Coffee-drinking rituals are important in Ethiopian culture. It facilitates bonding and aids in the digestion of a delicious meal.