Ethiopian House Vegetarian Menu

Main Dishes

Misir Wot - $10.15
Lentil Stew in berbere sauce

Sherro Wot - $10.15
Highly-seasoned chick peas (powder) in berbere sauce

Tikil Goman - $10.55
Cabbage, carrots, potatoes, cooked in turmeric sauce

Goman Wot - $10.55
Kale or collard greens in mild sauce

Yekik Alicha - $10.15
Yellow split peas in mild turmeric sauce

Kik Wot - $10.15
Split peas stew in berbere sauce

Misir Alicha - $10.15
Split lentil stew in thick mild sauce with seasoning

Atakelt Wot - $10.55
Mixed vegetables - string beans, carrots, potatoes - cooked in tomato sauce

Vegetarian Bayaaynatu - $12.65 (For Two: $23.95)
"Of Each Kind" small servings of the above Nos.1-8) vegetarian dishes