Ethiopian House Vegetarian Menu

*Please inquire regarding prices and availability

Main Dishes

Misir Wot
Lentil Stew in berbere sauce

Sherro Wot
Highly-seasoned chick peas (powder) in berbere sauce

Tikil Goman
Cabbage, carrots, potatoes, cooked in turmeric sauce

Goman Wot
Kale or collard greens in mild sauce

Yekik Alicha
Yellow split peas in mild turmeric sauce

Kik Wot
Split peas stew in berbere sauce

Misir Alicha
Split lentil stew in thick mild sauce with seasoning

Atakelt Wot
Mixed vegetables - string beans, carrots, potatoes - cooked in tomato sauce

Vegetarian Bayaaynatu
"Of Each Kind" small servings of the above Nos.1-8) vegetarian dishes

Vegetables play an important role in Ethiopian cuisine. Dishes are deceptively filling because they are served with generous helpings of delicious Injera bread. This means even vegetarian diners often find themselves unexpectedly in need of a delicious serving of coffee to aid in digestion.

Please inquire with courteous staff for advice regarding options and the best suited condiments for vegetarian diners. Rest assured, there is something for everyone at Ethiopian House.