Ethiopian House Menu and Specials


Senig Karia - $0.95
Seasoned jalapeno pepper (hot) stuffed with seasoned tomatoes and onions

Azifa - $5.70
Whole lentils boiled and mashed with lemon green chilli and seasonings (served cold)

Timatim Fit-Fit - $5.70
Pieces of Injera mixed with tomatoes, onions, green chillis in oil and lemon dressing (served cold)

Sherro Fit-Fit - $5.70
Injera mixed with dried pea flour (served cold)

House Salad - $6.70
Romain lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, onions with oil and lemon dressing served with bread or injera

Main Dishes

Fer-Fer - $10.15
Pieces of Injera mixed with berbere* sauce

Quanta Fer-Fer - $10.45
Strips of beef prepared with berbere or awaze* and salt and pepper, dried and served in small pieces mixed with injera

Banatu - $11.75
Injera sauteed in pan fried beef with dried hot green peper topping

Tibs - $13.15
Pan fried beef sauteed with onions, garlic, green peppers, tomatoes and awaze* with injera

Dry Tib - $13.95
Pan fried tender strings of beef cooked with awaze*, onions, green peppers (with injera) Minimum preparation time 30 minutes

Kitfo Special - $12.95
Steak tarter sauteed with warm keebe* and a dash of hot pepper sauce to taste (served row, rare, medium or well-cooked, with injera, aib* and kale)

Gored-Gored - $12.95
Chunks of tender beef mixed in seasoning, awaze*, keebe* and sauce (served row, rare, medium or well-cooked, as desired, with injera). Best served rare

Bayaaynatu - $13.55
"Of Each Kind" small servings of Nos.9 and 11 (Tibs and Kitfo Special) with Gomen (collard greens) and aib*

Vegetables and Beef Mix

Vege Beef - $12.95
Tibs (pan fried beef), Tikil Gomon (Cabbage&Carrots), Atakelet wot (string Beans & potatoes and Cottage Cheese)

Gomen Be Sega - $12.95
Fresh collard green with fried beef sauteed with seasoned butter, fresh tomato, berbere, green pepper and onion and cottage cheese

Bozena Shiro - $12.95
Highly-seasoned chick peas (powder) in berbere sauce mixed with cubes of beef

Weekend Special

Chicken stew (Doro Wat) - $12.25
Chicken legs and thighs marinated in lemon juice, then sauteed in butter and Seasoned with garlic, fresh ginger and fenugreek, then coated with barbere Sauce and cooked gently until tender, served with hard boiled egg and aib (Cottage cheese) with injera.

Meat Lunch Special (12-3pm)

Bayaaynatu - $7.95
Small servings of Tibs (pan fried beef) Kitfo (beef tartar) or cooked Collard greens and Cottage cheese Served with INJERA (bread)

Vegetarian Lunch Special

7 small servings of Vegetarian dishes Served with INJERA (bread) - $7.45

Veg and Beef Lunch Special

Tibs (fried beef) Tikil Gomon (Cabbage & Carrot) Atakelt wot (String Beans & Potatoes) Cottage cheese Served with INJERA (bread) - $7.95

Do you know what it means? Glossary of ingredients!

*berbere: A dry pepper powder, the end - product of an intricate process in which numberous spices are carefully blended.

*awaze: A paste made from small hot red peppers, cardamon, and cloves or afrinji made from red pepper.

*mitmita: A powder made from small hot red peppers, cardamon, and cloves or afrinji made from red pepper seeds, ginger, garlic, onions and black pepper.

*keebe: Ethiopian butter which is clarified. In the process, chopped ginger, garlic and onions are added along with other spices, including fenugreek, white cumin, basil, cardamon, oregano and turmeric.

*aib: Cottage cheese